Villa Rosa


Bouillabaisse de Marseille 1790,-
Goulash soup 1590,-
Seasonal vegetable cream soup 1090,-
’Légrádi’ consommé with ’macesz’ dumplings 1290,-
Shrimp toast 1490,-
Fish patty ∙fruit salsa 1690,-
Weal loin∙ buttery spicy forest mushrooms∙ rice pudding 4990,-
Woodland mushroom pappardelle∙ parmesan 2590,-
Homemade gnocci∙blue cheese∙roasted walnuts 2590,-
Chicken steak∙ tomato ragout with olives∙ roasted potatoes 2490,-
Panko pork loin ∙roasted potatoes with bacon ∙ rosemary quince cream 2890,-
Confit duckleg ∙ potatoe pie ∙quince cream with chili 2990,-
Lamb shank∙ ratatouille 3190,-
Lamb tagine∙ couscous 3490,-
Herb crusted tuna fillet∙ pumpkin ravioli       3990,-
Butterfish∙pearl barley with sundried tomatoes 3190,-
Baileys créme brulée 1490,-
Orange doughnuts 1090,-
French chocolate cake 1490,-
Éclair  1190,-
Mixed cheese plate 1990,-